Granite Vs Quartz

  Granite is a natural stone.  Granite comes from the earth.  The patterns of granite vary from piece to piece making each slab unique.  It is common to see many natural irregularities in granite. Granite is beautiful and has tons of character that man made products can never duplicate, making it great choice if you want that "Pop" or "Wow" factor.

   Granite is a very durable countertop.  Granite is sealed with a 15 to 20 year sealer. Granite is very scratch resistant.  Granite is very heat resistant. 

  Quartz is a man made countertop.  Quartz is a great option to replace your old countertops.  Quartz is made up of 80% natural stone and 20% adhesives.  Quartz does not need sealed.  You must use trivet or hot pad with Quartz. Quartz is a very scratch resistant countertop.  Quartz gives you a very durable and safe countertop.